‘Our duty’ to hold Trump accountable

Concerning the election of Donald Trump, Democrats are now being asked to accept the electoral results and told to “get over it.”

How quickly the Trump supporters forget the well-documented efforts of the Republicans immediately upon President Barack Obama’s first inauguration to oppose every one of his initiatives — even those previously supported by them — to try to ensure his failure.

These efforts of obstruction were directed toward a man of unquestionable integrity.

Even if one disagrees with the goals of Obama, one can’t accuse him of not fulfilling the presidential role with grace, intelligence and dignity.

Yet now, Republicans want us to “get over it” and blithely accept an individual whose words, deeds, experience and temperament make him perhaps the most unfit president-elect in history.

To the contrary, it’s our patriotic duty — indeed, our moral duty — to hold him accountable for his crude behavior, frightening proposals and inappropriate leadership choices.

Our nation’s and our children’s future depends on it.

Dwight Kennedy



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