Legislators’ raises hard to swallow

Magicians use slight of hand to fool people, get your attention on one hand so you don’t know what the other is doing.

That’s what legislators in Harrisburg do, but instead of fooling people, they’re deceiving them.

On Nov. 24, a small article in the Mirror said lawmakers will get a $1,140 increase a year, bringing their average pay to more than $86,000. Add perks and special interest money and their pay probably doubles.

Compare their raise of $95 per month to that of Social Security and Railroad Retirement workers who are getting zero to $4 a month.

On Dec. 2, a bigger article in the Mirror was to make you forget about their raise. Republicans see a $600 million shortfall in the current budget, which is added to the already $2 billion.

Republicans say they may have to cut Medicaid, pension benefits and increase taxes. The biggest deception is saying they may have to cut some of the $300 million it takes to run the legislature for a year.

House majority leader Dave Reed said, “We’re all in this together.”

Whose the “we” this guy is talking about? The hundreds of people Republicans threw out of work before Christmas, those on minimum wage?

Some legislators have been caught stealing taxpayer money and taking bribes. How many have not been caught?

We need the same type of lawmakers already in Harrisburg, like we need the same type of county commissioners and the same type of Altoona Area School Board members we have.

Why do you keep voting these people in?

Dennis C. Shore



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