Altoona Symphony never disappoints

I have been a fan of the Altoona Symphony for many years and am constantly amazed at the quality of their performances.

I am not a musician, but I deeply appreciate the devotion and talent of each musician and the wonderful maestro, Teresa Cheung. However, when I think the orchestra can’t get any better, I am proven wrong.

The combined talent of the orchestra with the ballet performances of Jared Angle and Ashley Laracey and the Allegheny Ballet Co. simply were amazing.

I’d only attended the ballet for an occasional performance of “The Nutcracker” in years past, but this evening of music and dance truly took my breath away.

I truly watched a lovely ballerina become a swan with every movement of her face and body, even down to her fingers.

The orchestra seemed to simply blend into the dance, becoming one with the dancers, bringing perfect balance to every moment.

I am so grateful for these performers, musicians, dancers and choreographers, etc., for being so good at their art and for each moment that they’ve spent in perfecting their performance.

My companion and I left the concert simply feeling elated and just stunned by the beauty of the performance.

Thank you to all those responsible for bringing such great talent to our city. You are making an often dreary world become heavenly.

Sharon Cook