Settlement for McQueary excessive

Give me a break.

Awarding Mike McQueary some $7.3 million is a joke.

This money will not fall from the sky as some juriors apparently believe.

Since Penn State is a state school, I can only guess it will be a tax burden or tuition increase to fund. What college retains a coaching staff when there is a coaching change?

The answer is none.

And was not PSU kind enough to pay McQueary for some 18 months after his contract was up? His salary, I believe, was $150,000 a year. That adds up to $225,000.

McQueary had a duty to stop the assault when he witnessed it, not the next day.

As a coach he failed in that very important regard, and now he wants paid?

Ask yourself what you would have done had you witinessed this act on a child. McQueary’s was to pout that no one will hire him.

I wonder why.

Richard Boston



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