RECLAIM act needs Shuster’s support

The proposed RECLAIM Act is a win-win for Pennsylvania.

This grassroots-inspired legislation will authorize a $1 billion disbursement from the Abandoned Mine Lands Trust Fund to put displaced workers back to work reclaiming abandoned mine sites.

The communities in District 9 need Congressman Bill Shuster to support this important legislation.

Pennsylvania has the largest number of abandoned mine lands in the country, and as a result will receive the lion’s share of the disbursement — $330 million over five years.

Our region has seen large numbers of coal-related jobs lost.

We also continue to struggle with the burden of polluted streams and aquifers and dangerous features like high walls and mine pits on abandoned mine sites.

District 9 has $82 million worth of abandoned mine sites yet to be reclaimed. The math is simple. Displaced workers plus abandoned mines equal new jobs plus reclaimed mines.

Shuster’s co-sponsorship of this important legislation would demonstrate his commitment to assisting struggling families and communities. This proposal is an enormous opportunity for Pennsylvania.

I encourage Shuster to support and co-sponsor the RECLAIM Act.

Jason Parsons, Altoona


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