Reassessment was never going to be fair

Blair County reassessment process is not fair, but what did homeowners expect?

After 58 years of neglecting the reassessment process, the county can ill afford to make the effort to make this a fair process. Think about it.

Property values are so out of whack after 58 years of guessing what an actual property value is, it is virtually impossible to make fair assessments now.

The real culprits in all of this are the county commissioners of the past 58 years. No responsible community would neglect resassment for so long. It is now time to pay for that neglect.

The real pain is yet to come, I am afraid, as now with the millage dropped to reflect today’s higher values it will allow for future increases to be done with impunity.

No longer will the courts need to OK any increase in your taxes, since the millage is now reflecting today’s money. AAHS is already gearing up to rebuild so brace yourself for future increases in school taxes.

How can you ever fix 58 years of neglect in one year? Blair County property values have been unfair for years and will continue to be in light of fact they have been neglected for so long.

Richard L. Boston



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