Real Trump will emerge

There are many words that come to mind with the election of Donald Trump — embarrassed, shocked, worried, astonished and just plain wrong.

His campaign was full of hateful rhetoric, his behavior anything but Presidential. And now we’re supposed to forget all about his racist comments, his misogynistic remarks, the relentless insults and welcome him with open arms? Not in this lifetime.

Countries across the globe, with the possible exception of Russia, are wondering what the hell is wrong with the United States. Putting the safety and security of this country into the hands of Donald Trump is reckless and extremely dangerous, especially in light of his cavalier comments concerning nuclear weapons.

He may appear to be meek and mild now, but it won’t be long until the real Trump emerges.

This election reminds me of the old Judy Collins song “Where are the Clowns?”   Don’t worry, they’re here.

Elizabeth K. Shade



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