On freedom, there’s no room for compromise

Recently the Mirror published an article which speaks about a South Carolina High School prohibiting the displaying of the American flag at a football game, lest it offend the opposing team.

How outrageous.

When did we become such timid mice that the idea of offending someone with our patriotism sent us crawling into a hole, dragging our flag, our own freedoms and our pride in after us?

In the “Land of the Free,” why are we being bullied into compromising our own rights in favor of practically anyone else on the planet who opposes them?

Since when in this “Home of the Brave” did we become such cowards we no longer stand up for our own rights — the right to display the American flag anywhere, any time,  and the right to sing our national anthem with pride, even in school?

Did that begin to disappear when we lost the right to pray anywhere we choose?

This Veterans Day, we remember the millions of men and women who sacrificed and died to protect and preserve the commitment Americans pledged in 1776.

We have a duty to honor them by respecting the symbols and beliefs on which this country was founded.

We also bear a responsibility to teach the next generation to honor and respect the sacrifices made for this country, including the right to display our flag and demonstrate our gratitude as Americans, not just on Veterans Day, but all year long.

For those who are offended by displays of patriotism and pride, feel free to be offended — anywhere else in the world.

Cherralene Peer



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