Memo to city, county: ‘Enough is enough’

I have read so much about the Blair County reassessment.

And I hear the commissioners say about the citizens who didn’t file an appeal must be pleased with the results.

Did they ever think about the seniors or the poor who just didn’t have the money to file an appeal?

And now you have the city manager and city solicitor digging for more gold in Altoona.

They are asking for a 10 percent increase in our property tax. Where do they think this will come from?

I’m a disabled veteran, a senior and only working part-time and living on a small pay every two weeks.

I’m asking the city manager and the solicitor where are we to go from here — only to line the pockets with gold from the seniors and poor of this great city.

Did you ever think enough is enough? It’s all coming down to medicine, food or taxes. We have no other place to go so taxes will be it.

Talk about being scammed on the phone.

We have one of the biggest scam artists in Blair County. Just look at our commissioners.

Charles E. Palmer Jr.



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