Fox News did part to set voters straight

Fox News deserves credit for being straightforward about Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

CNN and MSNBC went in a different direction by constantly trying to stop Trump.

It didn’t do much for Clinton, but it helped Trump.

Sean Hannity did a great job bringing out all the facts of both candidates. He had guests that worked with Clinton, and he knew she was a disaster waiting to happen.

Even Barack Obama helped Trump win after saying if Trump wins, everything Obama achieved would go out the window, including health care and national security.

Obama said Trump is not qualified to be president because he doesn’t know politics. When did Obama get all his experience when he was elected in 2008? Playing golf or trying to caddy for Tiger Woods at the taxpayer’s expense?

At least Trump paid his own way to the White House. Sit back and make the best of it.

Lenny Metz