Criminal statute, sadly, is dying

I held my breath, I prayed waiting diligently for the justice thousands, along with me, are due and will now go on waiting.

Once again, the criminal Statute of Limitations on sex crimes against children will die.

Once again, we have been systematically raped and mentally abused by a system that refuses to do the right thing — again.

As I face turning 50 with no resolution to this horrific crime, I realize I will never see justice before I die.

I will carry this with me every day, for life, and I am tragically not alone in that reality.

Perpetrators are getting ready to rejoice and believe me, they’ll continue doing what they are doing because once again the Pennsylvania Senate has bowed over for the hierarchy of the Catholic church and its minions — the Pennsylvania Catholic Conference.

Knowing what I know now, I am sickened by the blatant politics and corruption that continues to mar what could be a wonderful religion but sadly is not.

My empty hands hold not safety and true justice but power and money placed over the lives and well being of our most precious resource — our children.

God will lay the path for this and the future and I hope those who have anew bill laid in front of them will have the strength and the power to finally do what is right for the kids.

If it can be rightly done for dogs, cats and horses. Isn’t it time to do it for our children?

Brenda Dick



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