Cleaning waterways

As a concerned citizen of central Pennsylvania, it has come to my attention that some things concerning our town could be improved within the environment. While researching for a geography project at Penn State, I recently have come across deforestation issues in the Philippines that are causing environmental stress on the area. Overusing their resources caused this, and when they tried to prevent it, it was too late. I then began to think of my area and what major environmental issue greatly affects it.

Then it struck me. The same thing could be said about the rivers in central Pennsylvania, which have been severely polluted from mine runoff. The rivers are orange in color, which is unappealing and unsafe. As I proposed in my research, I believe that this can be improved not by regulation, but coming together as a combined effort to improve it. In my research it focused on tree planting, but the same can be said about cleaning our waterways. Laws will not stop people, but positive action just might.

Vincent Vibostok



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