Act of generosity warms shopper’s heart

I awoke on a recent morning and wondered if what had occurred to me was a dream.

I had gone grocery shopping recently at Aldi’s.

After picking up a number of items, I proceeded to the checkout.

While awaiting my turn, I noticed that the customer in front of me was a young, attractive girl.

I placed my groceries on the conveyor and waited for the cashier to ring up my order.

From what seemed like nowhere, a soft voice said, “They’re paid for.”

It was the customer.

I said, “Oh, you can’t!”

But the cashier smiled and repeated what the customer had said: “They’re paid for.”

The customer, with a tear running down her cheek, turned and walked away.

The cashier helped me bag my groceries, and I went to my car, where I sat for a while — stunned and speechless.

Whoever you are, thank you.

In this year of mercy, God sent me an angel.

I thank him for you, and ask him to bless you.

What you did brought tears to my own eyes.

Rita Kibler, Altoona


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