Trump stumping for law enforcement’s votes

Many have been conjecturing over Donald Trump’s blueprint on criminal justice reform.

He hasn’t had much to say on the matter but recently remarked that inner-city crime happening in Chicago (and Altoona) is best dealt with by employing more police officers.

If this is scraping for law enforcement votes, who knows, but at least 40 years of recent history reveals that employing more police officers has not lessened crime nor assisted the misadventure war on drugs.

In fact, now most crime is spawned from substance addiction, which is flourishing.

Trump says we cannot continue to primarily focus on the symptoms of a social problem. Here in the 21st century, we should also be constrained to look at the underlying root causes of crime and substance addiction and also deal with the problem at that level.

Otherwise, we’ll be having this same conversation in another 20 years.

Steve Heiser



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