Reassessment process backfires on taxpayers

The reassessment appeals process is as bad as the actual inaccurate assessment.

The first appeal is useless, and the second appeal requires an attorney to push through all the roadblocks put in place by our commissioners.

The expense alone will limit most who may need to appeal but can not afford the $131 fee.

The time has come for Bruce Erb, Terry Tomassetti and Ted Beam to resign.

Please understand: These commissioners will get a retirement when they leave.

The tax increase they will leave behind is huge, and they have potentially opened the door for Altoona and Altoona Area School District to more than double some residents’ taxes in the next five years.

I just read in the Mirror that the city is giving away huge tax breaks. AASD all of a sudden needs a new school and, of course, our commissioners repair the courthouse.

By the way, a tree still grows out of the roof of that courthouse.

Dave Servello



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