Mirror editorial unfair to Kaneshiki

I take offense to the Mirror editorial (“Kaneshiki failing in mission”) from Sept. 21.

It is so unfair, condescending, immature and childlike. I also noted a letter beside the editorial indicating teachers being alienated.

My father was one of the most revered teachers in my hometown of Renovo. While he was still alive, the community named a park in his honor. They were going to name a hospital after him, but he put the kibosh to that.

Dad taught for 38 years, retiring in 1969. My brother taught for 35 years, and his wife taught for 37 years.

I grew up among teachers.

One thing they drummed into me was about entitlements. They had me convinced that not only was I was entitled to my opinion, so were others.

I think highly of teachers. I like the kindergarten concept. And I took no offense to Lois Kaneshiki’s comments.

I’ve known Kaneshiki a number of years, and I admire her a great deal. It is not because we agree on so much, but rather we disagree on many things, and we respect each other’s opinions regardless.

Kaneshiki is a super hard worker, and she is an exceptionally good leader.

Jan Mills Sr.



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