Kindergarten is glorified day care

This is in defense of school board member Lois Kaneshiki’s remarks about kindergarten being glorified day care.

Let’s take a look at the activities in both that are common. Snack time, nap time, play time, instructional time and socialization skill enhancement are activities throughout the day.

Having been a previous substitute teacher and a previous school board member, there is much in common.

However, financing is different.

In day care, parents pay, and in some cases get help from public agencies. In kindergarten, the public pays, and the parents only pay the taxes they are required like all others being taxed.

I personally do not know of any private day-care worker/organization that is paying into a pension. In kindergarten, the taxpayer is not only paying a salary but also into an underfunded pension program and the main reason taxes go up.

Although, some may be offended by Kaneshiki’s comments, get over it. Blair County politics are just as dirty as anywhere else. If you lost an election, don’t make things worse, make it better.

If parents did their job properly like feed kids, teach them, read to them and, last but not least, love them, then the taxpayer-sponsored programs would not be needed as much.

Unfortunately, some parents do very little of either and thus kindergarten proves beneficial due to the circumstances faced with our current morality.

Is kindergarten glorified day care? They are very similar. Resources and outreach are different.

Willard J. Thompson



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