Defense of church misguided view

In Christian charity, Dick DiAndrea ought to visit the family of every victim molested by a Roman Catholic priest and explain the point of his Sept. 16 letter (“Pedophilia not limited to Catholic Church.”)

His sales pitch that his church is no worse than any other institution that harbors sexual predators, makes everything all right. His good news might resurrect the victims who committed suicide and heal their shattered lives and broken families.

Second, he is either in delusional denial or grossly misinformed.

The Roman Catholic clergy has the highest concentration of sexual predators of any group of Christian leaders on this planet. I was a priest and lived on the inside for 10 years.

I doubt that he even looked at the cover of the grand jury report. Roman Catholics don’t want to know and can’t handle the truth.

I doubt they have any clue about the kind of people who are priests, bishops and high leaders. Just google groups like SNAP or actually read the grand jury report.

Nearly my entire 54 years as a Roman Catholic have witnessed the unfolding of this priest sex abuse holocaust. In this diocese of more than 100,000 members, nearly every single Roman Catholic stood by and did nothing for decades as hundreds, perhaps thousands of Catholic children and families were slowly devoured by sexual predators disguised as priests and bishops.

Thanks to the media, this clergy sexual abuse has been in everyone’s face for 50 years.

How much more proof is needed? The year 2016 brought a PA Grand Jury Report that details half a century of sexual abuse here in Altoona-Johnstown.

But the greatest shame of our Allegheny hills may be the 100,000 Roman Catholics and good priests who continue to do nothing to stop it. But the donations, denial, excuses and silence continue.

Are there any innocent bystanders? Do you think that God’s justice will stop with the molesters? The excuse of being an innocent Roman Catholic or an obedient priest will not absolve anyone who stands by and does nothing.

John Nesbella

Nanty Glo


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