Before supporting, consider Trump record

Vote for Trump when:

— He moves his clothing manufacturing plants to America and hires American workers.

— Commits to equal pay for women.

— Supports stopping sexual harassment in the workplace.

— Stops blaming President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton for all the country’s issues. America is already the greatest nation in the world.

— Stops advertising false claims to struggling Americans with promises of millions of jobs and good pay.

— Stops praising Russia President Vladimir Putin’s strong leadership and encouraging his attacks on American’s political system. Putin is not America’s friend.

— Start standing up like a man that could be president, rather that melting when confronted on an issue. Answer the question; don’t dump them off on his campaign managers.

— Stops making the presidential race into a TV reality show.

— I have never heard one strong world leader remind everyone they are a strong leader. Their lives and actions demonstrate their strength and leadership.

Gary Schetrompf, Portage


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