Third-party candidates deserve fair chance

We’re bountifully bamboozled by Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, “news” squawkers from cable, network and print, and maddening malfeasance by the RNC and DNC.

Our rigged system ignores legitimate presidential contenders, keeping them out of debates and off major news outlets, ensuring that all political power remains in the two major parties’ hands. We’re left to vote for the lesser evil.

So, will you skip voting or vote for whom you consider less evil? Both are horrible options. Voting’s sacred purpose is to choose the greater good, not the lesser evil.

Better options: Consider Libertarian Gary Johnson or Green candidate Jill Stein. Their political philosophies differ significantly; but both present as sincere, determined, hardworking, concerned citizens. Research Stein and Green online. Sign petitions to include both in presidential debates. Time’s short. Debates begin today.

All of Stein’s contributions come from citizen donations. Johnson takes from lobbyists, Wall Street, corporations and PACs.

Paulette Jo Frederick



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