Teachers are most important resources

I taught university mathematics for more than four decades.

Some of my most memorable classes involved teaching elementary education students. They all had to meet the same rigid requirements, no matter what grade level they wanted to teach upon graduation (kindergarten-eighth grade).

My elementary education classes were very rigorous. We started off, believe it or not, learning how to write with clarity and how to read with comprehension and understanding.

We then covered set theory, logic, arithmetic, plane geometry, number theory, probability, statistics, three dimensional geometry, and if time permitted, special topics.

In order to be certified in Pennsylvania, each student has to pass the PRAXIS test in math, which covers all the topics mentioned above. They also have to pass comprehensive tests in other disciplines for certification.

Elementary teachers have an awesome responsibility to their students and the training has to be rigorous and complete. If their students do not make it there, they have more difficult time to make it later.

An elementary teacher’s job and training is not baby sitting. Before someone makes a comment about or makes a derogatory statement concerning teachers, please walk a mile in their shoes.

Paul Deskevich

Professor Emeritus

of Mathematics

St. Francis University



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