Stealing Trump signs immature, won’t work

To the individual(s) who stole the Trump presidential signs from the yards of the homes on Sycamore Street, I have only this to say:

“Your obvious political party is known for stealing elections; I guess it only stands to reason that you would stoop so low as to steal political signs also.”

You prowl around late at night, under the cover of darkness, trespassing on peoples property.

After replacing the signs with new ones, you were compelled to return a second time and steal those also. You’re nothing more than a common thief.

Are you really so foolish as to think that the disappearance of a sign will deter anyone from voting for Donald Trump for president?

I find it incredible that after eight years of the current administration and the disastrous state our country is in, anyone would want a repeat of the same old business as usual.

Judith Knox, Altoona


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