Kaneshiki stance alienates teachers

Regarding the Sept. 15 article by Russ O’Reilly about the Hollidaysburg Area School District meeting “Substitute teacher vote fails,” how does someone with the level of disdain shown by Lois Kaneshiki for the educational system get voted to the school board?

A quick review of papers regarding the importance of kindergarten may be best summarized by a paper by Miranda Sinclair, who states, “Studies have shown that children who attend kindergarten derive many benefits from the experience. Kindergarten has been shown to be important to students’ success in and adjustment to elementary school as well as their success in later years.”

Although it might be a viable discussion for the community and school board to bypass kindergarten, it should be an informed decision involving all stakeholders.

Cutting costs without consideration of the ramifications and without consulting with subject matter experts is a proven recipe for disaster, as experienced in Flint, Mich.

Shame on the voting public that voted in Kaneshiki without a better understanding of her grasp of her role.

A better education for all of our kids must be strived for year over year.

A requirement to reduce costs by working hard with teachers (a group she has now alienated) and administrators to come up with viable efficiencies should be the standard as opposed to uninformed cost-cutting actions that go against our standards of education.

Craig Dodge



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