Kaepernick’s actions correct, patriotic

On Aug. 29, Colin Kaepernick decided not to stand up for the playing of our national anthem. This was a very bold move, and although it is heavily criticized, Kaepernick has every right to do so. Kaepernick decided that the best way for him to fight bigotry and racism in this country was to remain seated (or take a knee) for the playing of our national anthem.

While this may provide a response, it is certainly not getting the response Kaepernick probably hoped for. People are more concerned with the supposed disdain Kaepernick must have for our racist country. Although many would say he is the sheer opposite of patriotic, I would argue that he is the definition of it. A true patriot loves their country, this is why Colin does not want to leave. He believes we can change our country to promote equality.

Kaepernick sees the change this country needs. While his way of getting his message out there may not be the best or most respectful, he knew he needed to take a dramatic move and he did it. Now we need to make the change.

Patrick Keefer



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