Facts don’t bear out Kaneshiki comments

On Sept. 6 WRTA had as its guest on the morning show Lois Kaneshiki, the new chairwoman of the Blair County Republican Committee.

During the course of this show, the guest made the comment she wanted “educated” people working with her to essentially build a strong committee. Apparently, Kaneshiki needs to become educated herself before she sets forth criteria for others to join her movement.

One of the many incorrect statements made by Kaneshiki was that the local committee will appoint the individual to fill the unexpired term of Sheriff Mitch Cooper. This is blatantly incorrect. Government 101 lays out the process by which elected officials are replaced regardless of the reason for which the individual official has left his office before the end of his term. The committee members can voice their thoughts, but they in no way have the authority to appoint anyone to fill any elected office.

Emboldened by calls from many of her acolytes, none of which holding her accountable for her many way-out statements, she doubled-down on her “appointment” lunacy by outright stating a “local congressman” (Bill Shuster) secured his seat via an appointment. Here again is a complete lack of the understanding of the political system by the chairwoman of the local GOP committee. Shuster was voted into office through a special election to the seat held by his father, E.G. “Bud” Shuster.

Kaneshiki continues to float the statement the current Shuster in office “inherited” the office from his father.

The last time I checked, an elected official does not have the ability to hold his office in perpetuity for his descendants.

The information which flows from the mouth of Kaneshiki should be fact-checked at every turn. Those who follow without doing so are in danger of being sent forth with a message even seventh-grade government students realize is incorrect.

Indeed, one has to suspend their reality when Kaneshiki speaks because she fails to understand the electoral process.

Perhaps she is intentionally offering up her libertarian pabulum as she continues her quest toward de-evolution of the current structure of government.

Steven E. Lloys



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