Decisions on building by school board questioned

I am writing in reference to the article “AASD asked to review decision.”

I find in this article statements by individuals like Bob Kutz, president of the Altoona Area Buildings Trade Council, to be absolutely correct in his B building presentation and he is an expert in the structural and physical soundness of buildings. Building B is one of those buildings.

Another individual is Rick Karcher, executive vice president of McKissick Kasun Architects.

Then you have individuals like Wayne Hippo, who has no expertise in knowing anything about the grandeur of buildings, let alone was one of the worst Altoona mayors.

When Hippo talks about the difference between the technical life and the functional life of a building, he would never know unless someone spoon fed him the absolute details.

Historic buildings have become both technical and functional entities. This I know because of seeing what has taken place with historic buildings.

Also John Donley stated remodeling the B building is not the best choice.

Perhaps, the two mentioned and other members of the school board ought to get a doctorate degree in common sense and good judgment.

The new property assessment must be taken into account.

Take Ron Johns for a moment – he is exhibiting a brain that is functioning when he states if it were up to him, he’d allow Karcher to conduct the study and explore the potential of remodeling the B building. I suggest that Karcher go ahead with a designed blueprint without the attached $20,000 fee. This would be a good indicator of community service.

It is ironic that too many members of school boards do not have any more of a mentality than junior high students and yet are to be decision-makers.

D. Robert Clapper

Blair County Heritage Inc.

president and former board member of National Trust



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