Baby-sitting remark offends retired teacher

As a retired teacher for the Altoona Area School District, who taught kindergarten for 35 years, I was deeply hurt and offended by Lois Kaneshiki’s reference to kindergarten teachers as baby sitters who are wasting taxpayers’ money.

May I correct you by saying that these fun-loving, energetic and beautiful young children with a yearning for learning are students, not babies.

I am sure your husband and you were very proud when your daughter, who did not attend kindergarten, taught herself to read. Believe me, this is an anomaly. My data/experience shows that many kindergarten students enter school not knowing basic reading skills, i.e. sound and letter recognition, let alone other basic academic and social skills.

You also stated that you have been in a kindergarten classroom. May I ask how long? Was it a day, a week, a month, etc.? I spent almost half my life in one.

In closing, I received my BS degree in education in 1974 from Penn State. The BS stands for Bachelor of Science, not baby-sitting.

Mary (Cox) Caporuscio



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