Abortion decision destroys US values

A decision made by five Supreme Court justices has done more to destroy the moral values in America than any other single decision. Now the sanctity of human life has been completely destroyed, as experienced by the complete disregard of human life.

The Roe v. Wade decision that permitted the destruction of human life up until birth by a mother is what has caused this to happen. Life begins at conception. When the sperm unites with the egg, a human person is born. This person has a mind, heart and life of their own. They are not part of the mother any more than they are part of the father.

The mother and father are equally responsible to see that this life has a chance to succeed. I do not blame the women who have abortions for they are only doing what five Supreme Court justices have legalized.

The loss of the sanctity of life of the unborn is something that this country will have to live with. All of the Supreme Court justices who have served since the Roe v. Wade decision who have done nothing to correct this decision are responsible for the loss of the value of human life.

The Senate, House of Representatives and president of the U.S. share equal responsibility in the loss of the value of human life. The Christian faith has not fought hard enough for the sanctity of life. Unless this decision becomes corrected, I see no future for the values that made America great to ever be returned again.

Francis Holtz



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