Don’t underestimate Obama’s track record

This is in response to Lenny Metz’s letters of June 1 and July 29.

Apparently, Metz is either a President Barack Obama hater or he is not paying attention to what has happened under this president’s watch. Such as:?

Health care reform, stimulus package, Wall Street reform, ending Iraq war, drawdown of war in Afghanistan, eliminated Osama bin Laden, saved auto industry, reversed Bush torture policies, improved America’s image abroad, removed banks out of student loan program, boosted fuel efficiency standards, increased support for veterans, credit card reforms and passed pay equality law for women.

When Obama took office, unemployment was at 10 percent. It is now under 5 percent.

When George Bush was in office, he just about ran the country over the cliff. Donald Trump would finish the job if he is elected president.

By the way, accomplishing nothing and putting the country into a $19 trillion debt, that record belongs to George W. Bush.

Martin P. Baronner



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