Leiden treated unfairly

My name is Bob Sigrist. I was president, Altoona Catholic High School Class of 1959. I am a classmate of Sister Donna Marie Leiden, current director of Catholic education, Diocese of Altoona Johnstown.

Your article June 12 deals with the abuses that have taken place under various circumstances by primarily clergy of the Altoona-Johnstown Diocese.

Some of these abuses took place at Bishop McCort High School while our classmate, Sister Donna Marie, was principal. This article, at best, is quite uncomplimentary of Sister Donna.

In the article you quote Catholic businessman George Foster of Hollidaysburg, an outspoken critic of the diocese, stating, “Why would you have a director of education who is not welcome in our own high schools?”

I have reached out to members of the Bishop Guilfoyle Catholic High School Board and to BG President Joe Adams. They have assured me that Sister Donna is welcome at BG.

I believe Sister Donna was a victim of circumstance. I do not believe she was knowledgeable and, certainly, not culpable. I believe the bishop, the diocesan administration and the press are bound up by politics, money and sensationalism. All this despite Sister Donna being cleared by a grand jury.

This has got to be devastating to our classmate who has dedicated her life to Catholic education. She is one of the finest people I have been privileged to know.

I ask that the editor of the Mirror make amends to Sister Donna Marie and her family.

Robert L. Sigrist