Don’t tax for stadiums

Once again politicians are looking to raise taxes on consumers to maintain professional sports facilities where some athletes are paid more money in a year than the average person will earn in a lifetime.

This is exactly why I was very opposed to construction of the Blair County Ballpark and the new baseball and football stadiums in Pittsburgh.

Before Pittsburgh built its stadiums, a half-cent sales tax increase was proposed to pay for them.

At the time, Allegheny County already had a higher sales tax than every county in the state except for Philadelphia.

This was voted down by 12 counties, and they still built the stadiums against taxpayer wishes.

On top of using our tax dollars to support multi-millionaires, the cost of attending games is out of reach for many people.

Also keep in mind that these facilities sit idle and rust most days of the year.

Act 18 signed by Gov. Tom Wolf allows for counties to raise the hotel tax to 5 percent.

This is nothing more than a tax increase. Centre County has done this, as I’m sure many others will as well now that they can.

The only way to stop the madness is to boycott these sports, which I have done for years.

John Pierce

Cocoa Beach, Fla.

formerly of Bellwood


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