Story on jailed moms got too much exposure

Whoa, really?

All you had for Sunday, Mother’s Day was a front-page article on mothers in prison.

As a mother of four, I found this article very offensive. It could have been placed in the Life section, but to put it as a front-page article was at most very demeaning to all those mothers out there that give their all every day, day in and day out.

What about the mom who has lost her spouse to the ongoing wars or even to the dad who is raising the children due to the loss of the mother to cancer or some other illness? What is wrong with focusing on the mother who has to be mom and dad 24/7 or the dad that is mom and dad because mom has been lost to a fatal illness?

To give this article the attention on the front page of the Altoona Mirror is just wrong.

Trust me, I do have empathy for these families of these women – for the families only. These women made their choice when they decided to break the law.

And are we to feel sorry, give them a break, feel bad for them because they chose the path that they are on? That’s not going to happen in my world.

Having three beautiful and successful daughters, I really find it deplorable that you would focus on these mothers, and I say that lightly, that are in prison because of their bad choices, on the front page of your paper.

No wonder our country is in the shape that it is in, when this is what we give priority to.

I understand that Mount Aloysius was doing a very good deed, but do not make this a front-page article.

Put it in a section but definitely not on the front page.

Patrice Hammond-Link



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