Saying no on Curve subsidy

The Logan Township supervisors are deciding how and if to subsidize the repairs at Peoples Gas Field.

The owner of the leasing rights is a millionaire, the owners of the Double-A team are millionaires, and the parent organization, Pittsburgh Pirates, is loaded with millionaires.

However, if the supervisors decide to financially support the need for renovations, ultimately the taxpayers of Logan Township will see a property tax increase.

I don’t fee that my $714 Social Security check should be used in any way to subsidize millionaires. I feel certain there are many of us on fixed incomes who feel as I do.

Supervisors, use your common sense, along with integrity and intestinal fortitude and don’t give in to the special interest people and the free perks involving the ballpark.

I don’t use the ballpark. The Pirates know all too well how to raise the ticket prices, concession prices and so on, and many of the workers at the ballpark are volunteers.

The Curve are not going to leave town for $2.5 million.

Romeo J. DeBartolome Jr.