Memo to AASD: Keep Kimmel open

A special public meeting of the Altoona Area Board of School Directors will be held on Monday, May 16, at 5:45 p.m. for the purpose of closing William P. Kimmel Alternative School.

Section 780 of the School Code requires a public hearing to be held at least three months prior to the board’s decision to officially close schools. The above was copied from a posting at aasdcat.com.

I believe this is a very unwise decision without an alternate plan for:

A) Providing care for the severely behavior challenged students at Kimmel. These adolescents currently have a high teacher to student ratio in order to monitor and deal with exceptional behavioral and learning needs;

B) Avoid bringing these very disruptive students back into the main classrooms where the majority of students face potential bullying, violence and certainly distracted classroom learning from teachers having to deal with the behavioral problems of the few.

If the school is closed, there would be no options to send problem students “down to Kimmel” as a consequence of their actions.

Craig Dodge