Voters should be sure Starr is on the rise

What a shame that our legislators do not have the interest of the people they represent.

Our Pa. legislators have not passed a budget for nearly a year.

Our schools, social institutions and services are in great danger of providing needed help today. My dad, a building contractor, taught me if you didn’t do the job you were assigned to do, you did not get paid.

That should be the motto for our elected officials.

We have the opportunity to elect a well-qualified citizen to the House of Representatives, Pete Starr. I have known Starr and his family for many decades. He is a Vietnam vet and also served in the U.S. Navy.

He served Altoona as police chief and is a dedicated person in working with others to solve social, economic and important issues. He is the only candidate with a great educational background (Masters Degree and Ph.D) in administration.

Bill Bravin



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