McGinnis has proper expertise

Rep. John McGinnis, R-Altoona, has the right stuff.

Knowledge, honesty, strong ethical morals, integrity and a proven good reputation is what McGinnis is made of. When you add to that a strong Christian faith, you have a man of excellent character.

He stands firm in his beliefs. He works for us (doesn’t rob Peter, Pennsylvania taxpayers, to pay Paul, ever expanding government and debt). The taxpayers of Pennsylvania have to live within our means; our state has to start to do the same.

The Pennsylvania pension funds that are underfunded and unsustainable need someone with McGinnis’ expertise. He taught economics at Penn State University, and our Pennsylvania budget could not be in better hands.

Our job is to send McGinnis back to Harrisburg as our representative of the 79th District to continue his work on these urgent matters. Please vote for John McGinnis on April 26.

Jane Baier



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