McGinnis has backed his talk with action

I have known John McGinnis for a number of years, well before he considered running for public office.

McGinnis is a logical, ethical person with principles which he will not compromise for personal gain. I remember the night McGinnis decided to run for the House of Representatives.

His reason was pure, simple and typically McGinnis, as he said, “I have complained for a long time about how things are being done in Harrisburg. Unless I am personally willing to do something about it, I have no right to just complain.”

McGinnis has stood firm for the citizens of the 79th District by opposing the tax and spend mentally of Harrisburg while suggesting alternate plans and alerting many to the pending disaster facing us unless Harrisburg changes course.

Join me in supporting John McGinnis on April 26. Help him to help us.

John Kasun



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