Hard work, integrity traits of Starr

When it comes to choosing a person to represent us in the General Assembly, I will cast my vote for Pete Starr.

I have known Starr for more than 30 years. My first encounter with him was when he was a uniformed patrol officer for the Altoona Police Department. Through integrity and hard work, Starr was eventually elevated through the ranks to chief of police.

Starr is a U.S. Navy and Vietnam veteran. He has been involved in numerous veteran organizations and projects. He is an avid supporter of our Second Amendment rights. He is anti-abortion candidate and will fight for the unborn as well as the elderly.

One of Starr’s main goals as a representative from the 79th District is to encourage economic development by working to reduce the tax burden businesses now must bare. These oppressive taxes are preventing present businesses from expanding as well as preventing new businesses from coming to PA.

As our representative, Pete Starr will fight to return our tax dollars and stop unfunded state mandates that are forced on county and local governments.

Larry D. Field



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