Halvorson right choice

As a retired Marine sergeant, property owner and registered beekeeper in Bedford County, I support Art Halvorson for Congress because we need a generous hard-working veteran in Congress.

Halvorson is a kind man who cares about his neighbors and country. He allows his neighbors to use his land all for no charge.

Halvorson served honorably in the Coast Guard for 29 years. He was an officer aboard the Mackinaw Icebreaker in the great lakes, a helicopter pilot showing exemplary courage. He says, “If I can fly into a hurricane, I can go to Washington, face the establishment and tell them it’s time to change the game.”

During his time in the coast guard, Halvorson earned an MBA and a Master’s degree in strategic studies.

Please consider whether entrenched incumbent and career politician Bill Shuster is a better alternative to a decorated veteran who has spent his life serving his county.

Lew Smith



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