Halvorson perfect pick for 9th District

Too often we sit at home on Election Day and let this great privilege pass us by.

We hear people lament about wanting honest lawmakers who will have the best interests of our 9th District and our great country at heart.

We now have this person to represent us, Art Halvorson.

Halvorson is an exceptional choice. He has dedicated his life to our country and to helping less fortunate. He served 29 years as a Coast Guard search and rescue pilot. He is a small business owner, homestead farmer, former national president of the Officers Christian Fellowship, NRA member and a wonderful family man.

Halvorson has signed a pledge that he will only serve three terms as our representative. After his terms are finished, he is not going to collect a pension. This sets Halvorson up as an example the rest of Congress could follow.

Donald “Pep” May

Mary C. May

Buffalo Mills


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