Halvorson not afraid to take a stand

In March 2016, I had the opportunity to talk with Art Halvorson and found him to be a man of principle and unafraid to take a stand on issues important to me.

I like that he has promised to lead the efforts to defend the constitution, secure the border and enforce existing laws, balance the federal budget, term-limit Congress and fight for every child’s right to life.

Our national debt is $19 trillion. We are losing jobs to the communist nation of China and to Mexico thanks to bad trade deals. Wages are at their lowest level in 40 years.

Halvorson is a fiscal, social, and constitutional conservative who put his life at risk during a 29-year career in the military. He did it to protect the country he loves and for his children and grandchildren. Art Halvorson will fight for us.

Donna Royer, Altoona


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