Thought of Trump at helm frightening

It’s frightening to think that a bombastic former reality show celebrity could now be on the precipice of becoming the next leader of the free world.

Every day the news media proclaims Donald Trump’s latest rantings and his unbelievable hold on high poll numbers.

I am no longer amused and have now reached the point of alarm.

After wading through his speeches bragging about himself and proclaiming disdain for Mexicans, Muslim, blacks and women, consider what qualifications he has to become our president.

His ignorance about how government operates and the responsibilities of the president is glaring.

Trump has released few detailed economic policies or a plan to address immigration issues.

Examine closely what Trump’s qualifications are.

Find out who he really is. Become informed and aware of the reality of the results if this “reality star” is elected president of the United States.

Norma A. Smith