Sharing the blame

While I concur with Representative McGinnis’ assessment of the pension crisis that looms, I don’t see how he only blames the Rendell administration for fiscal recklessness in his recent letter that appeared in the Altoona Mirror.

Please correct me if I’m wrong, but it was the Ridge administration that built convention centers and baseball stadiums and funded public education with money that was to be used for pensions.

It was the previous “conservative Republican administrations” that awarded huge pay increases to our legislators and increased the retirement multiplier.

Corbett’s budgets were smoke and mirrors. He received over $500,000 from the natural gas industry. Wonder why we haven’t levied a tax on them?

Gov. Tom Wolf was elected because he has a vision to move us forward. For starters, consider taxing Marcellus shale and reducing the size of our legislature.

Peter J. Gardella, Jr.