More businesses should offer student discounts

More businesses in Altoona should consider giving discounts to Penn State Altoona students with the presence of their student ID because it will boost their sales.

Penn State Altoona students help the city of Altoona grow economically, and, therefore, they deserve student discounts.

Most college students have considered themselves a “poor college student” at one point or another. While some students do, in fact, manage working part time, many do not obtain employment at all.

With this limited or lack of employment, college students are still expected to pay for their tuition, housing and books, along with basic necessities. These excessive but necessary expenses leave them with little money to spend on entertainment, retail and food.

It is unfair for college students to pay the same amount as full-time working individuals. It could be agreed upon that overall, college students love saving money. What better way than to offer them discounts at places they already frequent?

Giving students a discount would be an excellent way to advertise and attract students to various venues, or maintain a college student presence at locations in which college students’ business is vital for them to thrive.

A list of businesses that offer discounts could even be posted on the school’s website.

An example is Wendy’s on 7th Street, which is in close proximity to the campus. Wendy’s is supportive as well as lucrative in offering students 25 percent off their total when they present their student ID.

So thus, I urge more businesses to consider giving Penn State Altoona students a discount.

Krista Silvis


PSU Altoona student


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