Lack of enforcement worse than cats’ meow

I’m writing to personally thank three separate entities that have made my life and my neighbors’ lives somewhat of an ongoing major hassle.

First, I would like to thank a woman, who instead of saving the wild cat or two that made 1811 Eighth Ave. their home due to its abandonment for three years, decided that she would make it her job to put food out in the yard for the cats.

I met this woman and talked with her. I thought she was a very nice lady, but I pointed out that feeding the cats would very likely attract more homeless cats.

She said she understood my point and said that she was in contact with the Humane Society, which told her it would trap the cats and deal with the situation. Unfortunately, by the time it acted on the situation, it had no room for the cats.

Finally, I would like to thank the Altoona Code Enforcement Department for letting this fire hazard, trash-filled, broken-down house sit quietly in our neighborhood, bringing down property values and, in general, making our neighborhood shabbier by the year.

I know for a fact that the owner lives in Florida.

I talked to a code officer. At the beginning of last summer, he told me that the department was putting one last notice on the door and that the owner had three months to reply or take action.

After that time, if the city didn’t hear from the owner, it could begin action to tear down or clean up the building. In the city’s defense, it did have workers with weed trimmers cut weeds in the backyard.

Now I get to hear the wailing of no less than six cats living in the house and scouring the neighborhood for food while they are freezing to death.

I would personally take at least two of them as pets, but it is impossible because they are afraid to allow a human being around them.

David A. Thomas