Keeping an eye on Obama’s future

President Obama has sold out Israel in the past, and especially with the Iranian so-called nuclear deal, and has otherwise ignored Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

I should imagine Obama continues to “think ahead,” and by pushing the Jewish state aside he has begun campaigning for the position of Secretary-General of the U.N. when Ban Ki-moon’s term ends Dec. 31, 2016. Obama’s term expires Jan. 20, 2017.

In a news release from

Israel, it was stated that a Jan. 8, 2016 article in the Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Jarida reported, “President Obama is pushing to replace Ban Ki-moon as secretary-general” and “has already discussed this move with Democrats, Republicans and Jewish officials in the U.S.”

You will notice there was no discussion with Israel.

Netanyahu remembers how Obama acted toward Israel. When Netanyahu, on behalf of Israel, decried the Iran accord because it would lead to a nuclear endangerment of Israel, Obama ignored him and his nation.

So now Israel and Netanyahu are campaigning against Obama getting Ki-moon’s position. They feel it will only lead to more pressure to give up Jerusalem and give in to Palestinians who have no right to the Jewish state.

Netanyahu is attempting to rally moderate Arab nations to sabotage Obama’s exodus efforts to land another power position.

William Snyder Jr.



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