Hillary’s candidacy is an embarrassment

Being a longtime subscriber of the Mirror, I have read many of Elizabeth Shade’s babblings. Her latest rendering (Jan. 25) is ludicrous drivel.

The true embarrassment for our country is the Democrats’ anointed candidate – Hillary Clinton.

Do we want a candidate or president that:

1. While Secretary of State, maintained a private server for her messages, knowing it was unsafe and illegal? Has lied constantly that no secret messages were involved?

2. Knowingly lied to the devastated families of the fallen heroes as they were returned from Benghazi?

3. Supports Planned Parenthood practice of selling body parts to the highest bidder?

4. Most likely will be indicted for crimes committed (if the FBI is allowed to do its job).

President Barack Obama said “elections have consequences” and to America’s detriment, he has proven that to be true.

Clinton wants to continue Obama’s programs and policies.

Why? They are not working.

Kenneth L. Smyers