Halvorson, not Shuster, is friend of the farmers

A recent letter supporting Bill Shuster for Congress expressed Shuster’s support for agriculture.

I supported Shuster when he first ran for office.

Recently, he voted to repeal the requirement that beef, pork and chicken sold in the United States be labeled to identify the country of origin. This now allows foreign products to compete unfairly with U.S. producers.

How does that help farmers?

Shuster has a record of voting for many bloated EPA appropriations, some larger than President Barack Obama requested.

Based on the sources of his funding, Shuster is closely aligned with the transportation industry, not with agriculture.

Meanwhile, Art Halvorson has a long relationship with agricultural producers and is not beholding to other interests. I know him to be a true conservative, a strong Christian, a knowledgeable and intelligent businessman and distinguished retired military officer.

I urge farmers and all others to support Halvorson for Congress.

Ronald Johnson