Guns’ role in violence cannot be sold short

This is in response to Shirley Grenoble’s article commenting on the letter submitted by Matthew Stachmus that the government is out to take guns away from individuals.

To suggest that there should be no regulations regarding gun ownership is to ignore the evidence which links gun ownership with suicide, domestic violence and the fatal shooting of police officers.

Each of these are very strongly related with gun ownership.

Although they are correct in noting that mass shootings only happen in gun-safe zones, do they consider that one’s home is also a gun-safe zone?

In your home, you should be safe from gun violence, but the research shows that in homes with guns, both suicide and domestic violence with guns is more likely to happen than in homes without guns.

So if the definition of a gun-safe zone is a place that does not have a gun, then I assume a home that does have guns is not a place that is safe from gun violence so therefore is not a gun-safe zone.

I do not want to take guns away from people, but to ignore the role that guns play in violence in our country is an uninformed and naive position.

Stephen LoRusso