Financial consideration shouldn’t guide divorce

I believe it is time for a change to the severely outdated laws regarding divorce and spousal support/alimony pendente lite.

When a couple divorces for mutual reasons, then there should be an equal split of the marital assets period.

When a couple divorces due to the proven infidelity of one of the spouses, the law should recognize this as a forfeiture of all assets and support for the unfaithful spouse.

They made the conscious decision to cheat and cause the dissolving of the marriage. Way too often the current laws reward them for this, particularly if the innocent spouse is the one with the higher income.

The current laws are not based on morality or the sanctity of marriage, they are completely based on financial guidelines from the early 1900s. Times have changed.

The legal system regarding these issues should adapt to the current culture. The infidelity of a spouse during a marriage should not be financially rewarded.

The classic punishment should fit the crime needs to apply.

Michael A. Gennarino